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Kind Attention Dean/Principal of all affiliated Institutions - Guidelines for Tobacco-free Schools/ Educational Institutions

Tobacco-Free Schools/ Educational Institutions

Guidelines for Tobacco-Free Schools/ Educational Institutions.

  1. Display of 'Tobacco free School' or Tobacco-free Institution board at a prominent place on the boundary wall outside the main entrance.
  2. No sale of tobacco products inside the premises and within the radius of 100 yards from school/ Educational Institutions and mandatory signage in this regard shall be displayed prominently near the main gate and on boundary wall of school/institute.
  3. No smoking or chewing of tobacco inside the premises of institutions by students/ teachers/ other staff members/ visitors.
  4. Display of sign boards ' No Smoking Area - Smoking here is an offence', of 60 x 30 cm size inside the institution (as mandated by law).
  5. Posters with information about the harm effects of tobacco shall be displayed at prominent places in the school/ institutions.Students shall be encouraged to make their own posters on tobacco control themes.
  6. A copy of the cigarette and other tobacco products Act (COTPA) 2003 shall be available with the principal/ head of school /institution. (may be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare www.mohfw.nic.in)
  7. A 'Tobacco Control Committee' shall be in place. It may be chaired by school head/ principal, with members comprising of a science teacher, or any other teachers, school counselor (if available), atleast two NSS/ NCC/Scout students, atleast two parents representatives, area MLA,area SHO, Municipal Councilor, member of PRIs, any other member.The committee shall monitor the tobacco control initiatives of theschool/ institute.Thecommittee shall meet quarterly and report to the district administration.
  8. Integrate tobacco control activities with on going Scool Health Programme of the State.
  9. Promote writing of Anti-tobacco slogans on the School/ Institute stationary.
  10. The Principal/ head of school/ institute shall recognize tobacco control initiatives by students/ teachers/ other staff and certificates of appreciation or awards may be given.
  11. State Nodal Officer for Tobacco Control in the State Health Directorate may be consulted for technical or any other inputs.

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