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Prefix & Suffix For Medical Personnel

The expert members, under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor resolved that

Only degrees recognized by the Medical Council of India and issued by the recognized Medical University should be displayed.



  • It was resolved that the Professor and Additional Professors can use the prefix ‘Professor’.
  • Emeritus Professors of the University can use Prefix “Professor”.
  • Distinguished Professors of University can use the prefix “Professor”
  • Associate Professors / Readers should not use the prefix ‘Professor’.
  • Adjunct Professors of the University should not use the prefix “Professor”.
  • Physiotherapists should not use the prefix “Dr.”
  • Ph.D. qualified persons can use the prefix “Dr” with suffix as Ph.D.


  • M.D. (Physician) degrees obtained from Russia, China and other East European countries should be registered by the Tamil Nadu Medical Council as MBBS (Russia). These candidates should be instructed to display their degrees as MBBS (Russia) and not M.D. (Russia) /M.D. (Physician) which is misleading the public. It was brought to the notice of the members, that the M.D. Russia is a six years programme with one year of learning Russian Language.
  • Candidates who are undergoing the course, should not use the degree to be obtained as suffix with the bar or a small line over the degree.
  • It has been informed to the Medical Council of India and the T.N. Medical Council about the following observations
    • M.Ch.(Orth.)(Glasgow)is a one year Programme ( 12 months)
    • M.S.(Orth.) is a three years programme; ( 36 months)
    • Hence, M.Ch.(Orth.)(Glasgow) cannot be equated to M.S.(Orth.) in India.
  • Foreigners coming to India to conduct workshops/ demonstrate surgical techniques should come on a business visa/ education visa. They should apply to the Medical Council of India for temporary Registration to perform surgeries on Indian patients. If they come on tourist visa, they should not be permitted to do surgery.
  • The Medical graduates registered with the State Medical Council (T.N.) who seek employment in other states of India should register with the respective state Medical Councils.
  • The Members discussed about the degrees offered by other Universities in the Distance Education Programme. The duration of these programmes varies from three months to nine months and they call themselves as ”specialists” in the particular branch of Medicine. They should not display such degrees issued by the Universities through Distance Education.
  • Fellowships by other Universities viz. F.A.O., F.A.C.C. or Memberships in Organizations should not be displayed.
  • Degrees not given by the appropriate authority should not be added as suffix to doctors registered in the T.N. Medical Council.

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