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Online Question Paper Delivery (SEQUEL) Trial runs for the University Examinations - February 2020 
Registration Spot Verification 2019-20
Seat Matrix 
M.D.S Log Book Specimen

Theory Examination Schedule                              Jan.2020        Aug.2020      Sept.2020

Practical Examination Schedule                          Feb./Mar. 2020         

Theory Examination Time Table                          Feb. 2020                 Aug.2020          Sept.2020

Theory Examination Centre                                  Feb./Mar.2020          Aug. 2020.         Sept.2020

Last date for submission of Dissertation             
Despatch  of Answer Booklets                            Feb./Mar.2020         Aug.2020
Previous Examinations Time Table
Certificate Verification Despatch Details
Previous Examination Results - Publication Dates
Guidelines on Dissertation for all Post Graduate Courses
Instructions to the candidates appearing for University Examinations
Instructions to the Convenor of the Examination regarding online entry of Oral/Practical/Clinical marks
Submission of Quarterly Attendance particulars of all the candidates through online
Exam Malpractice Prevention
Additional Instructions to the Chief Superintendent
Instructions to the Chief Superintendent
Instructions to Chief Superintendents - Ribbon Band Colour
Instructions For Furnishing I.A. Marks And Attendance Online From February 2015 Examination
TA/DA Forms for Examiners
Examination Archives


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