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E-Questions February 2013 Examination - B.Pharm

B.PHARM (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Degree Examinations

 (2009–2010 Regulations)


11-Feb-2013 Paper I – Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

12-Feb-2013 Paper II – Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

13-Feb-2013 Paper III – Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education

14-Feb-2013 Paper IV – Biochemistry

15-Feb-2013 Paper V – Biostatistics & Computer Applications

                                 SECOND YEAR B.PHARM. Degree Examination

01-Feb-2013 Paper I – Physical Pharmaceutics

04-Feb-2013 Paper II – Pharmaceutical Analysis and Physical Chemistry

05-Feb-2013 Paper III – Advanced Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

06-Feb-2013 Paper IV – Pharmaceutical Technology

07-Feb-2013 Paper V – Pharmacy Practice and Pathophysiology

 THIRD YEAR B.PHARM. Degree Examination

11-Feb-2013 Paper I – Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry

12-Feb-2013 Paper II – Medicinal Chemistry – I

13-Feb-2013 Paper III – Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Cosmetic Technology

14-Feb-2013 Paper IV – Pharmacology – I

15-Feb-2013 Paper V – Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy

08-Feb-2013 Paper VI – Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

FOURTH (FINAL) B.PHARM. Degree Examination

01-Feb-2013 Paper I – Formulative Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics

04-Feb-2013 Paper II – Advanced Pharmacognosy

05-Feb-2013 Paper III – Pharmacology – II

06-Feb-2013 Paper IV – Modern methods of Pharmaceutical Analysis

07-Feb-2013 Paper V – Medicinal Chemistry – II

18-Feb-2013 Paper VI – Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Pharmacy Business Management

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