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E-Questions February 2013 Examination –BPT

BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) Degree Examinations

(Candidates admitted during the Academic Year 1997–98 to 2003–04 only)


05-Feb-2013   Paper I – Orthopaedics for Physiotherapists

01-Feb-2013   Paper II – Neurology for Physiotherapists

15-Feb-2013   Paper III – Cardio Respiratory for Physiotherapists

                                                             EIGHTH SEMESTER

06-Feb-2013   Paper I – Physiotherapy for Orthopaedics Conditions

04-Feb-2013   Paper II – Physiotherapy for Neurology Conditions

18-Feb-2013   Paper III – Physiotherapy for Cardio Respiratory Conditions

07-Feb-2013   Paper IV – Rehabilitation Medicine including Geriatric Rehabilitation

                        BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) Degree Examinations


01-Feb-2013   Paper I – Psychology & Sociology

04-Feb-2013   Paper II – Anatomy

05-Feb-2013   Paper III – Physiology applied Physiology

06-Feb-2013   Paper IV – Basic and Applied Physics for Physiotherapy


07-Feb-2013   Paper I – General Medicine/General Surgery/Paediatrics

08-Feb-2013   Paper II – Biomechanics, Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology

11-Feb-2013   Paper III – Exercise Therapy and Massage Therapy

12-Feb-2013   Paper IV – Microbiology/Pathology

                                                                                  THIRD YEAR

13-Feb-2013   Paper I – Electrotheraphy I (LMF)

14-Feb-2013   Paper II – Electrotheraphy II (HF)

15-Feb-2013   Paper III – Clinical Cardio Respiratory Diseases

18-Feb-2013   Paper IV – P.T. Cardio Respiratory Diseases

19-Feb-2013   Paper V – Community Medicine

                                                                          FOURTH YEAR

01-Feb-2013   Paper I – Clinical Neurology

04-Feb-2013   Paper II – P.T. Neurology 

05-Feb-2013   Paper III – Clinical Orthopaedics

06-Feb-2013   Paper VI – P.T. Orthopadics

07-Feb-2013   Paper IV – Rehabilitation Medicine including Geriatric Rehabilitation

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