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The Research Methods & Biostatistics Workshop dates for February 2024

The three day Research Methods & Biostatistics workshop dates for February 2024 will be conducted by the department of Epidemiology in FEB 2024 is scheduled on 

1) 06/02/2024 (Tuesday) to 08/02/2024 (Thursday) 

2) 13/02/2024(Tuesday) to 15/02/2024 (Thursday) 

3) 20/02/2024 (Tuesday) to 22/02/2024 (Thursday) 

4) 27/02/2024 (Tuesday) to 29/02/2024 (Thursday).

The eligible Postgraduate candidates need to register online in the link provided & only 50 candidates will be allowed to register in each workshop. 

It may be noted that those who are not able to register in any of the workshops in FEB 2024, please register in the subsequent March 2024, details of which will be shared during the  last week of Feb 2024.  For more details email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Click here for brochure 


Registration link for 06/02/2024 (Tuesday) to 08/02/2024 (Thursday)



Registration link for 13/02/2024(Tuesday) to 15/02/2024 (Thursday)



Registration link for 20/02/2024 (Tuesday) to 22/02/2024 (Thursday)



Registration link for 27/02/2024 (Tuesday) to 29/02/2024 (Thursday)




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