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F.M.S. - FAQ's

Faculty Management System (FMS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Question : Whether the Part-time faculty details need to be entered in the FMS
    Answer : No. Only Regular staff details must be entered.
    (In some courses, part time teachers are also allowed. In Allied Health Science Courses and Fellowship courses for subjects like Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, etc...)
  2. Q) Do we need to update the details for all teaching faculties (such as Tutor, Assistant Professors, and Professors) or only Professors.
    A) All regular teaching faculties. i.e from the Grade of Tutor to Professor can be entered.
  3. Q) In Experience details box Teaching UG, Teaching PG only one row is available, but some faculty worked in above two Institution. Kindly give some more rows to enter experience details.
    A) Teaching UG means - Total No. of Teaching UG Experience. Teaching PG means - Total No. of Teaching PG Experience - One row is enough.
    (If faculty worked more than one Institutions, Please enter total years of U.G. Experience & P.G. Experience)
  4. Q) What is the difference between Previous Service details & Experience details?
    A) Previous service details means - details about each institutions they worked Experience details means - Total No. of years of Teaching PG Experience.
  5. Q) No Experience and No Previous Service details, how to enter the details?
    A) No Experience means - Type Present service details (First service details) No Previous Service details - Type Present Service details.
  6. Q) How to enter Experience in the Column (Yrs/Times) given under Experience details icon
    A) Type years and months as years.months For example:
    If one faculty total UG experience is 5 year 8 months, then enter it as 5.08 If one faculty's total UG experience is 8 months, then enter 0.08
  7. Q) I don’t know the retirement details
    A) Leave it as Blank
  8. Q) What file name extensions can be used for uploading image & pdf files
    A) File name should contain lowercase alphabets with numerals.File name extension must have .jpg for photos and PAN card. For Residence proof use file extension .pdf (Other formats like .jpeg, .JPEG, .JPG, .PDF are NOT allowed) ONLY lowercase (letter) extensions are allowed)
  9. Q) My course is Not listed in the course list, how can i enter my qualification details. For example how to enter Dip NB qualification?
    A) Actually the option for selecting the qualification displays the courses conducted by this University. In case the qualification is not available in the option list, you can select
    If NOT listed in the PG courses You must select 99 Others
    If NOT listed in the PG courses You must select 199 Others.
  10. Q) Some of the courses do not have Council Registration No. What to do?
    A) Enter the Council Name,
    _____ for Registration No.,
    TamilNadu for State,
    Date for entry date
  11. Q) I want to type the dates directly without selecting the Date selection, How to do? A) Just type date in the format of "dd-mm-yyyy"
    Example date: 21.8.2001 as 21-08-2001
    Other date formats like 21.08.2001 & 21/08/2001 are NOT allowed.
  12. Q) Kindly give us any contact mobile numbers for the clarification for uploading the data base of faculty.
    A) 044-2235 3577 Extn: 218

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