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The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University Alumni (TNMGRMUA)   

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To unite the students of the University both past, present and future under one umbrella.

To promote a platform for the students to encourage knowledge contribution, sharing of ideas and helping each other.

To help the university to gain an international reputation, to increase the corpus fund, which in turn will be helpful in contributing towards the students’ community.

POINTS to consider Society

  1. To form a trust with prominent members.
  2. This has to independent of the University administration.


  1. The University will contribute only for the basic running of the organisation
  2. Funds can be expected from the University only in the initial period.
  3. How to raise funds for the University –
    • Contributions from the past students (voluntary)
    • Fixed contributions from the present and future students (very nominal - eg Rs 250 along with collection of degree certificate)
    • Having university shop in the university campus (having merchandise’s Eg: T‐shirts, pens, stationery with University logo, etc)
    • Contributions from corporate world (Eg: Apollo hospitals, MIOT, etc)


  1. A fully dedicate website
  2. Link from the parent website
  3. The website is done independently of the university people

Social Activity

  1. To fund some social causes – like helping poor students with education, scholarships
  2. To sponsor students for higher students
  3. Promotion of health awareness campaign

Benefits for students / Alumni’s

  1. Feel a part of family and contribute to alma mater
  2. Have an official email address from the University (eg: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) – this is a good selling point for the present and future students
  3. Buy goods from the shop – T shirt, etc a very proud association
  4. Helping poor students through the alumni organisation – to buy books, to find jobs etc
  5. Career help from past students
  6. Access to virtual library and the library in the University (life membership)

Benefits for the University

  1. Have a grand silver jubilee celebration in 2012 – with all past and present students
  2. Having a independent organisation with prominent members
  3. A profit share from the university shop
  4. A structure which will help the making the university more of international standards.
  5. In future (after 10 ‐ 15 years) a royalty fee can be set through the alumni organisation to all the research and entrepreneurial activities (Eg: Stanford university, USA) This fund structure if smartly done can make the university sustain without any government funds, and also make one of the richest University in India.

Benefits for the Alumni organisation

  1. A innovative approach in the University
  2. Power of lobbying with the future University administrators and the Government
  3. Having a revenue for the University

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