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Hari Om Ashram Alembic Research Award

The Medical Council of India, which is a Statutory Body under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 created the 'Medical Council of India - Silver Jubilee Research Award Fund' and the same has been registered under the Societies Act of 1860 and is being managed by the Management Committee. The Management Committee of the Fund decided to invite the nomination for Silver Jubilee Research Award under the following categories.

  • To give award to person for his original and outstanding work in the field of medical and allied science done in India.
  • To give aid or assistance to project in medical colleges/medical institutions/organisations engaged in thedevelopment of medical education and to help medical research.
  • To Grant Travel Fellowship.

This deals with concerted and concentrated efforts put in to arrive at positive health of community at large by means of most economic ways as under

The value of the award is Rs.1,00,000/- and salver for category-1 and Rs.50,000/- each for categories 2 and 3 respectively. The requirements for these awards are as follows


Citizens of India who have done their research in India will be eligible for nominations and the following particulars are necessary to be submitted along with the nomination papers

  • Conclusions and particulars of the original research submitted by the candidate must have been arrived at during the previous five years.
  • The original research work submitted should be of an outstanding character.
  • The original research submitted by the candidate for the Silver Jubilee Research Award should not have been presented for any award elsewhere.
  • In case of a joint Research work, the Award shall be divided between the workers in such proportions as may be decided by the Award Committee.
  • The nominator can nominate only one person.


Regarding nominations for assistance to research projects in Medical Colleges/Medical Institutions, full details and bio-data of person undertaking the research projects, nature, scope and content of the research project, facilities already available, additional facilities required for which assistance is sought for and full estimate of the various types of expenditure involved are required to be submitted through the head of the concerned Medical Colleges/Medical Institutions. The financial assistance under this category may be made in installments and submissions of quarterly reports of progress made shall be submitted to the Society, failing which the payment of the next installment will be with held.


The nominations for the above awards are open to Indian citizens only and there are no special nomination form for this purpose. The nomination papers may be supported by the following

  • A Curriculum Vitae of the candidate and full address for communication.
  • A statement of work, achievements, accomplishments or performance on which the claims of the nominee to the award is based.
  • List of Publications.
  • A reasoned justification or the nomination.


  • One set of publications of the candidate published, specially those in the last five years.
  • Thirty sets of Bio-data, full address for communication and list of publication and other relevant materials.

The nomination should make it clear, the category under which it is to be considered. The nomination may be sent in a sealed cover marked 'confidential' addressed to Lt. Col. Dr. A R N Setalvad(Retd.), Secretary, Silver Jubilee Research Award Fund, office of the Medical Council of India, Pocket – 14 , Sector – 8, Dwarka Phase –1 , New Delhi - 110077 by 31st December of each year.

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