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Name & Designation

Dr.K.Mary Sushi

        Research Officer (Non-Medical) Gr -II


Profile - Education

         M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Zoology)



·        Lecturer : Auxilium College Vellore (1993 to 1994)


·        Senior Research Fellow (SRF): Madras Christian College (1994 to 1996)


·        Research Assistant  :    Dept.  of Experimental Medicine ,TN  Dr.MGR Medical University  (1996 to 2001)


·        Technician : Dept. of Experimental Medicine ,TN Dr.MGR Medical University, regular Pay scale   (2001 to 2012)


·        Research Officer (Non-Medical) Gr II : Dept. of Experimental Medicine ,TN Dr.MGR Medical University (2012 onwards)







·        National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for the External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS) in HIV testing

·        The impact and issues faced by women infected with HIV in resource constrained setting




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  • Saramma Mini Jacob, SivasankaranPremkumar, Ravi Rajkumar, DurairajAnitha, Kamala Mary Sushi, GanesanArumugam. (2013) Comparison of HIV-1 DNA PCR results obtained from fresh and stored dried blood spots of HIV- 1 exposed infants. Innovative Journal of Medical and Health Science 3 (1): 29 – 31.
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  • Kamala Mary Sushi, S Geethalakshmi, K Sivasangeetha, S Mini Jacob, GopalThatchinamoorthy, D Anitha, A Ganesan, G Pachiyappan,P. Gowthami. (2016) Social Responsibility leads the way for leadership and engagement of Col- lege Students on effective and sustainable HIV responses. Open Forum Infectious Diseases. 3 (suppl_1), 2280.           



·        Presented poster on 4thInternational Conference on HIV and Women at Washing- ton DC, USA on 13& 14th January 2014.

·        Participated in 7th National Conference of AIDS Society of India- ASICON 2014 held from 12th to 14th December, 2014 at Kolkatta

·        Three day workshop on “Orientation and Implementation of ISO 15189 : 2012 Quality Standards in the HIV Testing Reference Laboratories” from 14th to 16th April 2014 at Trivandrum conducted by PCI in co-ordination with NACO

·        HIV UPDATE 2014 on 10th July, 2014

·        HIV UPDATE 2015 on 8th October 2015

·        Attended the GCLP workshop conducted by YRG from 12/3/15 to 14/3/15

·        Attended the Infection Control and Bio Medical Waste Management Practices Training in MMC on 22.4.2015.

·        Attended the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Conclave 2016, Chennai on 19/8/16

·        Training on using the colour coded bins as per Biomedical Waste Management 2016 guidelines conducted by G.J MulticlavePvt Ltd. on 20/4/17.

·        Seminar on Bio-Medical Waste Management 2016 guidelines on 28th June 2017

·        Seminar on National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research in- volving Human Participants-ICMR 2017 Guidelines.

·        Training in Quality Management systems and Internal audit in Medical Laborato- ries as per ISO 15189: 2012  on 18th 21st July 2018 at NIRT, Chennai

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