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Academic Developments

Grouping of all courses by the University under 4 Major Heads.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Indian Medicine & Homeopathy
  • Allied Health Sciences.

Website designing and updating done to make it more interactive and student friendly. Details of all courses, affiliated colleges, syllabus, regulations, Boards, Application forms for all certified courses are available.

Enhancement of Remuneration paid to Examiners and providing air fare for P.G. Examiners.

Clinical Fellowship Programs in each Medical speciality (1yr./ 2 yrs.) to enable growth of sub specialty within each specialty. Expert Committee of 10 specialists headed by Dr. Surendran, Stanley Medical College Hospital

The fellowship programme is available in the following subjects

(Eligibility - M.D./D.M./M.Ch. & DNB in Clinical Subjects)

  • Medicine - Intensive care, Toxicology, Palliative Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Diabetology, Infectious diseases
  • Surgery - Minimal access surgery- Abdominal, Breast diseases, Podiatry
  • Surgical Gastroenterology - Hepatobiliary, Esophageal surgery, Colorectal surgery
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery - Valve conserving surgery, Total Arterial Revascularisation
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology - UroGynaecology, Pelvic floor disorders, Gynaec oncology, Reproductive Medicine, Fetal Medicine, Endo Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology - Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Cornea, Oculoplasty, Glaucoma, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Neuro Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedic Surgery - Arthroplasty, Spine Surgery, Orthopaedic Oncology, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Limb Reconstructive Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Hand Surgery.
  • Neurosurgery - Neuro Psychiatry, Paediatric Neurology, Micro Neurosurgery, Disability and Rehabilitation, Spine Surgery.
  • ENT - Implantation otology, Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Phono surgery
  • Anaesthesia - Paediatric Anaesthesia, Nerve blocks and pain Management, Cardiac Anaesthesia, Neuro Anaesthesia
  • Urology
  • Radiology - Onco Radiology, Interventional Radiology
  • Paediatric Surgery - Paediatric Urology including Intersex, Paediatric Thoracic Surgery, Paediatric Surgical Oncology, Neonatal Surgery
  • Paediatrics Paediatric – Nephrology, Neonatal Intensive Care, Pulmonology, Haemato-oncology, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Neurology
  • Gastroenterology - Endoscopy, Hepatology
  • Cardiology - Advanced Echocardiography, Critical Care in Cardiology, Paediatric Cardiac Interventions, Clinical Cardiology, Epidemiology and Outcome Research.
  • Critical Care - Toxicology
  • Plastic Surgery - Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery, Burns.

P.G. Diploma in Medical Sciences

(Eligibility – MBBS)

One Year Two Year
HIV Medicine Medical Genetics
Palliative Medicine Clinical Diabetology
Occupational Health Critical Care in Medicine
Clinical Immunology DignosticUltrasound (O&G)
  Clinical Laboratory Medicine

Distance Education Programme

2 Years Diploma in Family Medicine

Certificate Courses in Dental Sciences(1 year Duration)

(Eligibility – BDS with one year experience)

  1. Dental Implantology
  2. Aesthetic Dentistry
  3. Endodontics
  4. Forensic Odantology
  5. Laser Dentistry
  6. Dental Research Methodology

Allied Health Courses – B.Sc. Degree (3 years)

  • Eligibility 12 years of schooling in any subject
  • Accident and Emergency Care Technology, - Radiology Imaging Technology, - Physician Assistant, - Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology,- Critical Care Technology,- Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology - Medical Record Science, - Dialysis Technology, - Cardiac Technology, - Radiotherapy Technology - Medical Laboratory Technology, - Nuclear Medicine Technology,- Medical Sociology – Electro – neuro- Physiology.

Allied Health Courses – B.Sc. Degree (4 years)

  • Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, Optometry Technology, Prosthetics and Orthotics

Special Programme(P.G Diploma, Degree Courses)

  • Instituted to offer the following PG Diploma/Degree programmes in Health care Management and Public Health. These programmes are unique and are not offered in any other University.
    • P.G. Diploma – 1 year
    • Post-graduate Diploma in Public Health Entomology (DPHE), Post-graduate Diploma in Learning Disability, Post-graduate Diploma in Diabetes Education
    • P.G. Degree – 2 years
    • M.Phil (Clinical Social Work), MBA ( Hospital and Health Systems Management), MASLP (Audiology and Speech Languagae Pathology), M.Sc. (Hospital Informatic system Telemedicine), M.Sc. (Medical Sociology), M.Sc.(Medical Laboratory Technology - M.Sc. – Human Genetics, M.Sc. – Clinical Nutrition.
    • P.G. Degree – 3 years
    • M.Sc. (Medical Physics)

Allied Health Courses – Diploma

  • Eligibility 10th Standard
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology, Diploma in Accident and Emergency Care Technology, Diploma in Critical Care Technology, Diploma in Optometry Technology, Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology, Diploma in Medical Record Science, Diploma in Scope Support Technology, Diploma in Nursing Aide, Diploma in Dental Assistance, Diploma in Opthalmic Nursing Assistant, Diploma in Podiatry.
  • Constitution of University Research Council for granting funds for clinical and basic research in Medical, Dental, Indian Medicine and Allied Health Sciences. Created corpus fund (Rs. 2 crores) for sanction of financial assistance for Medical Research Programmes. First batch of aid given to researchers.
  • Constitution of High Level Expert Committee with the Tamilnadu Medical Council, Director of Medical Education, State Academic and Specialist bodies to frame guidelines on the matter of re-certification of Doctors, Classification of Private Hospitals, work / learning program of CRRI / P.G. etc.
  • Introduction of Electronic Journal Med-ejexclusively for the students, to publish scientific articles. To orient and train PG Medical students to publish articles, it is made compulsory.
  • Introduction of E-Proxy to view the medical journals / articles / abstracts for all the students and faculty of the Government Medical Colleges in the state with the assistance from National Medical Library. 2000 journals can be accessed by the students / faculty from their own computer with a password.
  • Awarding of ‘Adjunct Professorship’ to the Clinical Medical Teachers who have rendered yeomen services to society by their clinical expertise.
  • MoU signed with Madras Medical College & Government General Hospital for faculty exchange program and for utilizing the clinical facilities at the hospital.
  • MoU signed with Stanley Medical College & Government Stanley Hospital for faculty exchange program and for utilizing the clinical facilities at the hospital.
  • MoU signed with National Institute of Siddha for faculty exchange program and to avail clinical facilities.
  • Faculty Exchange Program - For “Twin Registry” with StanleyMedicalCollege by the Department of Medical Genetics

Issue of I.D. cards & Sports Council

  • The University is in the process of issuing I.D. cards for the Faculties and Students of all affiliated institutions.
    • Students can use this card while writing the University Exam, Visiting University Library etc.
    • This card authenticates the Faculty as an Examiner/ Valuator for University Exams.
  • The University Sports Council has been created to extend financial assistance to the students of affiliated institutions to participate in the Inter-Collegiate or Inter-University Sports Events at State or National Level.

Medical University Alumni Association (MUAA)

  • unite the students of this University both past, present and future under one umbrella.
  • Promote a platform for the students to encourage knowledge contribution, sharing of ideas and helping each other.
  • Help the university to gain international reputation, to increase the corpus fund which in turn will be helpful in contribution towards the students community.
  • Introduced the scheme of Clinical/Vice voce examination for PG Diploma/Degree courses from knowledge based to competence based examination from April 2012 Examination onwards.
  • Proposed to issue Migration Certificate for all Under graduate candidates of Medical/Dental/Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy and Allied Health Science Courses along with Provisional Pass Certificate from August 2011 Examination onwards.
  • Change of nomenclature of D.M. (Doctor of Medicine) Super Speciality as D.M. (Doctorate of Medicine). Approved by Medical Council of India.
  • The Students Welfare and Supportive Service has been introduced with the Social Welfare Officers of the University to
    • offer free, impartial, and service of professional nature and academic matters.
    • offer counselling and guidance, help and support to students, applicants and parents for selecting right professional course.
  • 20 types of Provisional Certificates and 38 types of Degree Certificates have been standardized and brought down to 3 Nos. and 2 Nos. respectively to shorten the time for preparation and issue of such certificates.
  • To encourage the students University Medals have been created for all the courses of Medical/Dental/Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy and Allied Health Sciences for which no endowments are available bringing the total number of award of Medals from 79 to 163. By this, the candidates of all the courses, who secure highest marks will be awarded with the Medals.
  • Medalists Felicitation function to give away the medals to the concerned candidates has been organized (25-11-11) in the campus of the University. This is to ensure that the medalists, who were not awarded with the medals in the Convocation due to paucity of time, will be able to receive the same in person in the University.
  • Reforms in Dental Education The DCI in their letter No.DE-130-2011/S-5861, dated 27-1-12 has informed that the eligibility criteria and other provisions prescribing admission, examination, syllabus, curriculum etc., in course regulations framed by DCI are bare minimum and permitted the Medical University for prescribing higher standard than that of Regulations of DCI for maintaining higher standard of dental education in the State of Tamil Nadu.

The following proposals have been sent to the Chairperson, Board of Governors, Medical Council of India, New Delhi for appropriate decision thereon.

  • Dispensing with the break system in the I MBBS Degree Course and permitting the students to proceed to II MBBS.
  • Conducting Examinations for 2 subjects viz., Pharmacology and Pathology of II MBBS after a period of one year and the remaining 2 subjects viz., Microbiology and Forensic Medicine at the end of 1 ½ years.
  • Reclassification of M.D.(Physician) course awarded by the Universities in Russia and to stipulate, at the time of permanent registration of such of those candidates, that they suffix to their names as MBBS (Russia) instead of M.D. (Physician).
  • To consider all postgraduate faculties irrespective of their specialization or degree (M.D/M.S/D.N.B) as faculty for starting M.D. Emergency Medicine in Medical Colleges in view of non availability of faculties in Emergency Medicine.

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