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Articles of Interest & General

Articles of Interest General
More instances of plagiarism come to light How you can live a healthy life
No science in 'cut and paste' Professional Conduct Etiquette and Ethics
Curing our Hospitals Oath of Hippocrates (Modern Version)
NEET will not help improve quality : AIIMS chief Millennium Development Goals
Similar problems, related maladies Social accountability in medical education
A hospital stay costs $236 per day in India Vs $3,949 per day in the US : Study Road Safety Policy for Faculty and Students
Maanavargalae Kadhaliyungal... Universal health care: the barriers and the way forward
10 Commandments of Hinduism Social accountability in health professionals' training
Walking Stick Towards establishing health equity
The Farmer and his donkey Universities are all 'internationalising' now
Suicides in professional colleges on the rise For a new and improved NRHM
But do patients listen to doctors? My Professional Life
Time to Revisit Law on Private Hospitals NABH Accreditation
Using Social Media to enhance surgeon and patient education and communication Outsourcing research, at what cost?
Summary of All scams of India :Rs. 910603234300000/- Are you evading tax?
TV Special What to do when you get a notice
Defensive medicine as a bane to healthcare Start a recurring deposit to gain from high rates
Should VCs' tenure be extended to five years? Impossible
A doctor? nay, a saviour Empower the health-care consumer with knowledge
Take care of the heart... and it will take care of you Vision Tamil Nadu 2023 - Strategic Plan for Infrastructure Development in Tamil Nadu
Why don't we trust nature? Don't Hope ... Decide!
Doctors, let us care for the sick, not look at their purse Facilitating medical education reform
Live Mindfully... Three Trees
Why is success bestowed on so few?  
Five Rules by Atul Gawande for our sleeping doctors  
Look for good quality in every person  
Great Personality  
One in 20 patients want to kill doctor - study  
The Giving Tree  
My daughter is a doctor... and that is my dilemma  
Letter from God  
Doctors -The Noble Crucification  
Change or Perish  
The Doctor and the poor  
Hot Chocolates !  
The Happy Fisherman  
Gift of God  
What it takes to be No 1  
A Question of Faith  
We make much ado about anything and everything  
The Story Behind the Picture of the Praying Hands  
The rise of a global icon  
New Task for the New Vice Chancellors  
What is Meditation?  
Re-engineer Your Pace  
Diet dos and don'ts  
Patients' Charter  
Don't be a duck; Be an Eagle  
Life can begin at 60  
Smartphones in orthopaedics  
Who is a Teacher ?  
Dear patient, demand your rights  
Modern medicine has forgotten the essence of illness care  
Be quiet Be Quiet  

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