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The criteria for the conduct of Instant – Supplementary Examination for I Professional MBBS degree course

The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai.

Dated: 23.10.2013

The conduct of Instant – Supplementary Examination for I Professional MBBS degree course with the following criteria

  • The instant supplementary examination for all the failed candidates of I Professional will be conducted from 01.11.13.
  • Any number of failed subjects can be attempted.
  • If the candidate is absent either in one or both part of the Theory Papers or Practicals or both of a subject due to ill-health, should produce a medical certificate from the medical board of the college for consideration.
  • The candidate should appear for both Theory (Paper I & II) and Practicals in supplementary examination.
  • The internal Assessment and attendance should be submitted afresh.
  • The arrear candidates of previous batches who are desirous to appear for supplementary examination may also apply and they are not eligible to appear in the forthcoming February 2014 examination.
  • The Spare Answer Sheets (without preprinted register number) can be used for the Instant Supplementary Examinations.
  • The candidates who fail in the supplementary examination should appear in the subsequent main examination (normally held during August) along with Junior regular batch.
  • The candidates who pass in the supplementary examination will join the main regular batch.
  • Candidates who pass the supplementary examination will be permitted to appear for II Professional examination only after completing the full course of study of three semesters of the II year irrespective of the examination of the main batch.
  • The candidates who have not appeared for First MBBS degree course examination in August 2013 due to lack of IA / attendance may also appear for Instant - supplementary examination, subject to acquiring the required fresh IA / Attendance.
  • The institutions are requested to prepare the list of candidates who were detained for lack of attendance / IA and forward the same with fresh IA / Attendance to the Controller of Examination for including the candidates name in the Instant -Supplementary examination.
  • The candidates appearing for the Instant – Supplementary examination should submit an affidavit which should be forwarded by the Dean/Principal along with examination application and fresh IA / attendance, so as to enable the University to issue the Hall ticket.
  • The Affidavit can be downloaded from the University website.

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