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All Thesis/Dissertations will be checked for plagiarism from February 2011 onwards

All Dissertations/Thesis submitted by the candidates to the University as part of fulfillment of their Ph.D. and Post Graduate Degree courses will be checked for plagiarism before sending for evaluation. If more than 20% duplication in the content is found, the Dissertation/Thesis will be rejected.

The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGRMedicalUniversity encourages researchers and students to produce original work whether thesis or publications. In promoting better and quality work in research, thesis, dissertation and publications it has been decided in the academic board that plagiarism will be considered a serious offence. The thesis or any other research work will be scrutinized by the academic board before submission to the external examiners. In the process of securitization the academic board has decided to process the original work by the author in updated software to check for plagiarism. To help this process the University has bought special software to check plagiarism.

Therefore students are even further encouraged to check their work on their work with available free software in the internet to check for plagiarism.

The academic board will request the submission of the original work including thesis and research work in soft copy in ‘MS Word’ or Pages along with the hard copy.

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