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E-Questions August 2013 Examination- D.M.

Post Graduate Super Speciality Courses

Doctorate of Medicine (D.M.)Degree Examinations


D.M.  NEUROLOGY  Degree Examination

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences    (161411)

02-Aug-2013   Paper II – Neurology, NeuroPsychiatry, NeuroPsychology ,  Paediatric Neurology


05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Neuro Radiology, Electro Physiology, Neuro Otology, Neuro Opthalmology and other  investigatory procedure (161413)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances in Neurology   (161414)

D.M.  CARDIOLOGY  Degree Examination

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences   (161421)

02-Aug-2013   Paper II – Clinical Cardiology  (161422)

05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Hemodynamics Therapeutics and Intervention (161423)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances (161424)

D.M.  NEPHROLOGY Degree Examination

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Nephrology - Basic Sciences  (161201)

02-Aug-2013   Paper II – Clinical Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation (161202)

05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Nephrology – Dialysis and Transplantation  (161203)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances(161204)

D.M.  GASTROENTEROLOGY Degree Examination

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences applied to the Speciality(161251)

02-Aug-2013   Paper II – General Gastroenterology including Paediatric and Preventive  Gastroenterology(161252)

05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Diseases(161253)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances in the Speciality(161254)

D.M.  MEDICAL ONCOLOGY Degree Examination

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences  (161301)

02-Aug-2013   Paper II – General Oncology including Tumour Pathology, Radiology and  Nuclear Medicine (161302)

05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Medical Oncology including Therapy, Epidemiology and  Rehabilitation  (161303)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances in Medical Oncology  (161304)

D.M.  RHEUMATOLOGYDegree Examination

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences & Diagnostic Procedures in Rheumatology &   Clinical Immunology  (161351)  

02-Aug-2013   Paper II – Clinical Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology (161352)

05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Clinical Pharmacology, Rehabilitation Surgery, Special Problems   related to Rheumatic diseases – Paediatric Rheumatology,    Pregnancy and Rheumatic diseases  (161353)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances in Rheumatology & Immunology  (161354)


01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences  (161401)
02-Aug-2013   Paper II – Laboratory Haemotology  (161402)

05-Aug-2013   Paper III – Clinical Haematology (161403)
06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Recent Advances in Haematology (161404)

D.M.  NEONATOLOGY Degree Examination

01-Aug-2013    Paper I – Applied Basic Sciences as applied to Neonatology &  Perinatology; Research Methods  (161451)

 02-Aug-2013   Paper II – Clinical Neonatology    (161452)


05-Aug-2013  Paper III – Clinical Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive care including  Neonatal transport(161453)

06-Aug-2013   Paper IV – Community Neonatology, National MCH Programmes, Allied   disciplines, Neurodevelopment follow up Recent Advances,   Rehabilitation(161454)

D.M. HEPATOLOGY Degree Examination

(Candidates admitted from 2011–12 onwards)


01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Applied Basic Sciences of Liver and Biliary System including Pancreas   (161471)

D.M. ENDOCRINOLOGY Degree Examination

(Candidates admitted from 2011–12 onwards)

01-Aug-2013   Paper I – Basic Sciences of Endocrinology (161461)

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