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Affiliation Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. All Medical Colleges/Postgraduate Medical Institutions recognized by the Medical Council of India /respective universities for postgraduate degree training in various specialities are eligible for training fellows provided the ratio of teacher to trainee 1:1 is maintained.
  2. The detailed requirements regarding accreditation of institutions/hospitals other than those mentioned above to the MedicalUniversity to conduct Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programmes are as follows
    1. The requests for the hospitals/institutions for consideration of accreditation to the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme will be entertained provided they have the minimum facilities for training of Post-Doctoral fellowship candidates in accordance with the norms laid down by the University.
    2. Request for recognition of Hospital/Institutions should be made only in the Standard Inspection form, available at the University or can be downloaded from the university website.
  3. Subject to the fulfillment of the criteria laid down, the University will depute an inspector for each specialty to verify the facilities in the Institution as given in the prescribed proforma and overall arrangements of teaching/ training programme etc. The inspector will then submit a detailed Inspection report to the University.
  4. The Inspection report submitted by the Inspector will be examined by the Accreditation Committee of the University and the recommendations of the Accreditation Committee will be finally considered by the Governing Body of the University. The decision of the Governing Body will be communicated to the Institution subsequently.
  5. The cases where the fee for renewal is received within a period of nine months before the expiry of accreditation period, the case will be treated as for renewal and decided accordingly. Otherwise the application would be treated as a fresh one
  6. Only if your hospital/institution has minimum infrastructure and facilities in accordance with the University curriculum in the speciality applied for, you should forward your request for consideration of accreditation. Please also note that you must give an undertaking that each of your consultants will spend atleast 8-10 hours per week for teaching of Post-Doctoral fellowship candidates and your hospital would provide facilities to Post-Doctoral fellowship candidates for practical hands on experience. And in this regard necessary training infrastructure and facilities would be ensured for the Post-Doctoral fellowship candidates.
  7. The hospital, the Institution or the department seeking the accreditation should have been in existence for atleast five years.

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