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2012 - 2013

Workshop on Research Methodology & Bio-statistics

Workshop on "Research Methodology and Biostatistics” five days Non -Resident Training program was conducted for AYUSH Post- Graduates and Researchers.

S.No Date Workshop> No of Participants


27.08.2012 to

Eighth Workshop on "Research Methodology and Biostatistics”



24.09.2012 to

Ninth Workshop on "Research Methodology and Biostatistics”



04.02.2013 to

Tenth Workshop on "Research Methodology and Biostatistics”


So far ten batches of "Research Methodology and Biostatistics" Workshop for AYUSH Post- Graduates and Researchers were conducted since 2010 and totally 494 Post -Graduates of Siddha and Homeopathy were benefited.

Annual Report

  • The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University has started the Department of Siddha by November 2007. The main objective to start the Department in this University is to standardize the Siddha drugs, Clinical Research in Siddha field and to provide Quality Education and Research. The Department is marching forward towards the goals.

Drug Standardization Laboratory

  • A state -of- art Drug Standardization Laboratory is established at the University premises. This is the only laboratory among the affiliated AYUSH Institutions. This Laboratory will fulfill the needs of the affiliated Institutions for their Drug Standardization. Post -Graduate students and Researchers can utilize the facilities of the laboratory.
  • There are five ongoing projects on standardization of Siddha drugs at this Drug Standardization Laboratory.

Department Library

  • 399 Books on various titles are available in the Department library for reference.

Ph.D. Programme

  • The Department of Siddha is recognized for conducting Ph.D programme from the academic year 2008 – 2009 under this University.
    • Five faculties of this Department have registered for part-time Ph.D programme.
    • The University has permitted the External Candidates also to register for PhD at the Department of Siddha of this University for doing their Research.
    • Two External candidates are registered in this Department under the Faculty of Siddha.
    • So for seven candidates have been registered for Ph.D degree at the Department of Siddha.

Conferences attended

  • Dr.N.Kabilan attended the Vice Chancellor's Conference on behalf of Vice Chancellor of this University conducted by Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi on 30.01.2013 regarding the Minimum Standard Requirements for ASU Institutions
  • Dr.K.S.Uma attended the Vethasanthi 2012 International Conference on Medical Varmalogy-12th and 13th of May 2012 organized by Arts Research Institute, Coimbatore
  • Dr. K. S. Uma attended ICMR Sponsored International Conference on Bioactive Natural Compounds from plant food in Nutrition and Health (ICBPN 2012) on 20 -22 Sep 2012 at CMS College, Kottayam

Workshop /CME attended by the faculties

  • Dr.K.S.Uma attended National workshop on “Varma Naadi Based Clinical Diagnosis” VNBCD-2012 Organized by International Varma Research Foundation (IVRF) and Touchlab Biomedical Engineering Group, Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras, Chennai -36, on July 26th and 27th 2012
  • Dr.E.M.Manikgantan and Dr. G. Bharathkumar attended the CME on "Sirappu Maruthuvam" from 11.03.2013 to 16.03.2013 at National Institute of Siddha, Tambaram Sanatorium, Chennai-47.

Conferences -Paper Presented

  • Dr. K. Rajalakshmi -presented a paper on writing research protocol for standardization and clinical evaluation of Siddha formulation for urolithiasis at the INDIA CLEN conference on 2nd and 3rd March 2013 at Lucknow.

Lectures by Faculties

  • Dr. K. Rajalakshmi delivered three lectures on "Writing a Research Protocol” at RMBS workshop at this University during 2012-2013.
  • Dr.K.S.Uma delivered three lectures on “Medical Ethics in Clinical Research” at RMBS workshop at this University during 2012-2013.
  • Dr.N.Kabilan delivered three lectures on “Introduction to AYUSH- Research” at RMBS workshop at this University during 2012-2013.
  • Dr. E.M. Manikgantan delivered three lectures on “How to Write the Dissertation” at RMBS workshop at this University during 2012-2013.
  • Dr.G.Bharthkumar delivered three lectures on “Research in AYUSH past, present and Future” at RMBS workshop at this University during 2012-2013.

Resource Person

  • Dr. K. Rajalakshmi - Served as a Resource person on 11-3-2013 at the CME on Sirappu Maruthuvam held from 11-3-2013 to 16-3-2013 at the National Institute of Siddha,Chennai-47

MoU with Prominent Institutions

  • MoU with National Institute of Siddha (NIS) was signed on 21-7-2010. Based on this MoU the Director, has given permission to utilize Hospital and Laboratory facility for the Siddha Ph.D candidates of this University.
  • The University Siddha Faculties attend the regular Out Patient Department according to the Tabular column below from 06.07.2011 from 08.00AM to 12.00PM. Then they came to the University from 01.30PM to do the University Regular work.

Days Name of Faculty Department;


Dr. K. Rajalakshmi, MD(S)



Dr. G. Bharthkumar, MD(S)

Sirappu Maruthuvam


Dr. N. Kabilan, MD(S)

Nanju Nool


Dr. K.S. Uma, MD(S)



Dr. E.M. Manikgantan, MD(S)

Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam

Examiners for other University Exams

  • Dr. N. Kabilan and Dr. E.M. Manikgantan were conducted the University Practical Examinations for Under- Graduate Students of University of Kerala on June 2011 and December 2011

Additional duty

  • Dr.K.Rajalakshmi was posted as Deputy Controller of Examinations for new Allied health science courses U.G & P.G and post- doctoral fellowships from 30.09.2010 to 30.08.2012.
  • Dr.E.M.Manikgantan was posted as Deputy Controller of Examinations for Pharmacy from 30.9.2010 to 30.8.2012 and also deputed as assistant to Deputy Controller of Examinations (Nursing) from November 2012 to till date.
  • Dr.K.S.Uma was deputed as Course i/c, Dental from 03.07.2012 to till date.
  • Dr.N.Kabilan was deputed as Course i/c, Allied Health Sciences from 18.04.2012 to till date.
  • Dr.G.Bharthkumar was deputed as Deputy Controller of Examinations for the period of 22.08.2012-31.08.2012

Vigilance Awareness week 2012-2013

    [li icon="icon-chevron-right"]Dr.E.M.Manikgantan and Dr.K.Rajalaskhmi were deputed as Officers in charge for conducting the Vigilance Awareness week 2012-2013 at this University between 29.10.2012 and 03.11.2012./li]

Proposal Submitted

  • Dr.N.Kabilan submitted a proposal ‘Evaluation of Cyto-Toxic and Anti-Proliferative Activity of aSiddha Herbo-Mineral Formulation’ to UGC under major project for the academic year 2012-2013.
  • Dr.N.Kabilan submitted a proposal "Pharmacological and Toxicological Studies on Poora Parpam prepared from Natural and Synthetic Sources - A Comparative Study" to University Grants Commission for Minor Research Project for the academic year 2012-2013.
  • Dr.E.M.Manikgantan submitted a proposal on "Standardization of Vaividangam Chooranum Siddha formulation "to University Research Council for Research grant for the academic year 2012-2013 and got sanctioned.

On Going Projects

  • Dr.K.Rajalaskhmi received research grant from UGC MINOR project dated 30-7-2012 entitled “Standardization and clinical evaluation of Siddha formulation for Urolithiasis”.
  • Dr.K.Rajalaskhmi received research grant from the University research council for the project “Analytical and pharmacognostical standardization of Siddha formulation used for urolithiasis”.
  • Dr.K.Rajalaskhmi received research grant from University finance committee approved project on “Screening of anti-microbial activity of Siddha formulations used for respiratory and gastro- intestinal disorders”.
  • Dr.K.S.Uma received research grant from the University Research Council, The T.N. Dr. M.G.R. Medical University for the proposal entitled “Analytical study of Seenthil Sarkarai and Pre clinical evaluation of anti diabetic effect and acute and sub acute toxicity of Seenthil Sakkarai in normal and streptozotocin induced Diabetic rats”
  • Dr.K.S.Uma received research grant from UGC MINOR project dated 30-7-2012 entitled “Clinical Evaluation of Siddha formulations in the Management of Type 2 Diabetic Mellitus(NIDDM)”

Programme co-ordinator

  • Dr.K.Rajalaskhmi - served as a programme coordinator representing the The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University at the Science Festival conducted by the Science City from 30-1-2013 to 3-2-2013.

Meeting attended

  • Dr.K.Rajalaskhmi - attended the meeting to evaluate Scalar energy product on 21.12.2012 at Science City ,conducted by Department of Higher Education , Government of Tamil Nadu

Paper published

  • K.S.Uma, S. Mini Jacob, Ganesh Arumugam, Kalpana, Dr. Mayilvahanan Natarajan.-“ Invitro evaluation of antimicrobial acttivivty of Seenthil sarkarai and nilavembu Kudineer against Leptospira” in International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science, vol-4 Suppl 2 , 2012 page 75-78
  • M.Rajmohan, P.D.Madankumar, M.Shivakumar, K.S.Uma,“Awareness on Oral Health among Ayurveda and Siddha Practitioners in Chennai, Tamilnadu – A questionnaire study” in Medical Journal of Islamic world Academy of Science Vol 20, No 2Page 43- 48, 2012

Diabetes Screening programme

  • Diabetes screening programme for the University employees conducted at the department of Siddha from 11-2-2013 to 28-3-2013. 100 employees were tested for blood sugar and cholesterol

AYUSH funded CME

  • The Department of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi, sanctioned the fund for conducting the 6 days Continuing Medical Education for ASU Teaching faculty on “Quality Control and Pharmacognosy”

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